Apartments in Stockbridge

Apartments in Stockbridge

Stockbridge is a small town, situated only 20 miles from Atlanta, in Henry County, Georgia, which is in the southeast of the USA. With the population of, a little bit over 27 thousand people it is considered to be a smaller town. The area which it comprises is around 35 km2 and a housing density of about 361 houses/apartments per square kilometer. Its religious origins date back to 1829 when it was settled by priests of Concord Methodist Church.

The growing population of Stockbridge imposed a higher demand in residential capacity; therefore the number of houses and apartments has recently increased. Today the number of occupied houses is 3,699 with 2,821 being occupied by the original owners and 878 being rented out. The average price for vacant rental units varies from, as little as $700 up to $900. The approximate monthly costs of house maintenance are $1,200 which makes this town perfect for the people looking to move into a quality home, in a good neighborhood for an acceptable price.  With the price of $162,000 for a house or a condo, the prices of housing in Stockbridge are of no less value than in the rest of Georgia, despite being a small town for US standards.

Luxurious houses mainly situated on the outskirts of the city and are primarily used by families while the center of the state is being reserved for the few apartments there are in Stockbridge. The center of the town is not big, including shops, schools and public institutions. Some of the houses build in a colonial style which gives them a southern touch while the other buildings are in a classical American style, also known as four square building methods.

The Foursquare style is one of the most commonly used techniques in North America. As its name states, the houses are usually rectangular in shape and are known not to have any elaborate ornamentation. There is a single room occupying each quadrant of the house, making its interior design very simplified and easy to build. They usually have a small porch with the entrance and windows on each side of the front door. Traditionally, these houses have got shared space, like living room, kitchen and entrance hall on the first floor, while the second floor is oftentimes reserved for bedrooms, so most of these houses are either 4-bedroomed, making them particularly suitable for a typical American family.

Either wood or brick is used as a building material. In most households, a garage is an essential part and can be built either separated from the house or as the original part of it. Since being a town settled mostly by families, it is not surprising that real estate agents cannot offer a variety of apartments for rent Stockbridge GA.

With all this being said, Stockbridge is a good and sensible choice for families searching for quiet, peaceful and safe surrounding for them, offering a variety of activities which could be done in numerous open spaces and a pleasurable community to live in.


Jesse Lowery